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Nomadic Working

Here’s an innovative and funky product from icon screens. Nomad provides a quick solution for those who desire a little extra privacy in the form of a side screen. Nomad is a wedge of polystyrene with a nicely weighted base that provides stability and prevents toppling (somewhat in the style of a Weeble Wobble if you’re old enough to remember them!).  The wedge is upholstered in Camira Blazer Lite fabric with an attractive perimeter stitch detail and the powder coated base is available in white, black or silver.

icon nomad

Available in 570mm deep and 350mm high or 770mm deep and 400mm high, the lightweight Nomad replaces fixed screens or more cumbersome slide on screens and simply sits on the desk wherever you decide to place it. This is particularly useful for the truly agile bench working solution where space can be delineated by desk add-ons such as this rather than by worktop joints.

icon nomad

A 1500mm high floor-standing version is also in development.

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