+Halle Nest

Nest – Formed With Love

New from +Halle is the Nest Collection. Nest introduces a fresh interpretation to traditional seating arrangements by taking the furniture to new heights.

Designed by Form Us With Love, the same design house that brought us Baux acoustic products, Nest simply adds a second tier to the the seating and table range. The two optional heights offer an opportunity to create dynamic settings in any environment, without compromising the level of comfort.

Fascinated by the typologies of pedestals, such as the Umpire’s chair on a tennis court and driving an SUV, the FUWL studio experimented with a lofty landscape, adding the element of dignity and softness – to a seat with a view. “We believe that a comfortable high seat is a natural part of any lounge and bar environment, providing the opportunity to sit longer at a tall table”, says John Löfgren, Creative Director at Form Us With Love.

The different levels create a range of new possibilities with Nest’s variation in heights, space can be divided subtly, keeping the space open and inviting without compromising visual or functional elements.

The Nest range initially comprises a sofa and armchair and a round and oval table. All elements are available in high and low versions.

+Halle Nest