Axia Smart Chair

Are you really sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably? Are you sure? Here’s a chair that will actually tell you!

Human beings are not designed to sit at a desk for long periods of time. Good posture with enough movement is crucial to reduce common workplace ailments such as back or neck pain, headaches and fatigues. Even if you sit on a good ergonomic chair, it’s often not used or set up correctly (in fact 67% of users do not adjust their chairs).  The Axia Smart Chair by Nomique was designed with this in mind.

The Axia Smart Chair works like a personal sitting coach, giving users feedback on their sitting behaviour and posture. Feedback raises the users’ awareness of their posture and this in turn leads to an improved over all posture and a healthier style of working.

So how does it work?

The Axia Smart Chair features four sensors in the seat and two sensors in the back. These sensors distinguish between 7 seating positions and register how often and how long the user makes contact with the backrest and seat and whether they are moving enough or sitting in one posture for too long. An electronic label is fixed to the seat side and allows users to review their seated posture over the last hour. The label also shows the live seating position and overall seating score. Furthermore, a vibrating signal in the seat indicates when a user is sitting in a physical aggravating position for too long. This tactile reminder will raise the users’ posture awareness. The vibrating trigger can also be used as a reminder to get up and move around for a few minutes or do some in chair exercises.

Axia Smart Chair

Of particular interest to facility managers, occupational health advisors and HR managers will be the Smart Hub/Smart Cloud add-on system. Here, all details about posture and occupancy levels of each Smart Chair are automatically sent to the online Smart Cloud. Smart Hubs, which are installed throughout the office receive the recorded data of each stair and send it to a gateway. Through the gateway the collective data is send to the Smart Cloud. Simple to use software makes it easy to access the recorded group and individual data online in real time and allows the user to combine and/or compare company wide, floor level or department details. The extensive reporting options of the Smart Cloud make it a useful tool to not only analyse the staff’s sitting habits but also occupancy levels. The Smart Cloud can be used for occupation and configuration plans to improve workstation management and usage.

So far so good. But what about the chair itself?

Well for a start the Axia 2.0 range has been credited both reddot and iF design awards as well as the FIRA ergonomic excellence award. The simple design is quite appealing with a distinctive back that tapers towards the top and provides space for the shoulders to move comfortably. Our first impression before any adjustment was that the Axia would be a satisfying sit. Just a couple of minor adjustments were required before the Smart Chair system indicated a correct (and very comfortable) posture.

Axia 2.0 Range

The Axia 2.0 is a modular range with interchangeable parts. There are 6 chair back options; mid, high, padded, executive, breathable mesh and auto back angle adjustment.  The Axia 2.2 High back option fits 98% of users making it an ideal project chair. All of these options utilise the patented synchronised Axia 1:1 mechanism, based on the principle of pelvic support. Here the pelvis is prevented from rotating, encouraging relaxed support and a dynamic posture. With dual operating levers, the chair can be adjusted from the left or the right. The armrests do not move with the tilt of the mechanism to ensure optimal support of the arms to keep shoulder and neck relaxed. A patented split seat mechanism, allows only the rear part to tilt back whereas the foremost part of the seat remains horizontal. This alleviates pressure on the legs, keeping the feet firmly on the floor.

Axia 2.0

Want to know more? We’ll be showcasing the Axia range in our Leeds showroom very soon. Check back here for further info or register your interest via the contact form.