A classic is a classic because it always has a fresh look. Even today Verner Panton’s design is outstanding and edgy.Being one of the true rebels and pioneers in the world of lighting and furniture design, Panton has become an icon. Devoted and so true to his visions and ideas that his creative language shocked his surroundings when he started designing and continues to leave people amazed today. Adding a touch of Panton between any 4 walls instantly transforms the room. For many years Verpan have produced his famous lamps, carefully merging quality and originality in order to create a lamp that lights up the room even when it’s turned off.

Verpan have recently expanded their Verner Panton range and are introducing a new collection of furniture and rugs from the Verner Panton archives. It’s amazing to experience how these old, visionary designs can make a room come to life today, instantly elevating and upgrading the surroundings.

Step inside the world of Verpan and Verner Panton.


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