CMD are a British manufacturer founded in 1984, who create solutions to meet the challenges of integrating power and technology with furniture for commercial environments. CMD can provide a total product range of underfloor busbar, floor boxes, power modules, CPU supports, monitor arms, cable management solutions and lighting busbar designed and developed to provide installations that are quick, easy and adaptable for contractor, client and end user.

Over the last three decades, CMD has consistently transformed the way we integrate power and technology with furniture in the commercial world. Known for products with improved ergonomics, CMD continues to innovate with advances in USB and induction charging, developing new ways for people to interact with power to aid their technology at home, at work and on the move.

CMD is a strong force in the British manufacturing world, part of the Made In Sheffield movement, with over 80% of their staff being from Rotherham and over 70% of their suppliers being UK based with zero waste to landfill. CMD is still a young company. Placing power at your fingertips or where you need it most, the best is yet to come.