Baux Acoustic Tiles

She was a big Blockbusters fan!

She was a big Blockbusters fan!

A product we were introduced to recently were these versatile acoustic tiles from Swedish Company Baux. The tiles are available in a range of six shapes; Hexagon, Rectangle, Square, Parallelogram, Circle and Triangle, and are made from wood wool, cement and water. This wood fibre combination gives the product a heat-insulating, heat retaining and sound-absorbing structure. Cement provides strength, moisture resistance and class 1 fire protection. The stylish tiles come in a range of muted earthy colours that would suit any 2016 design scheme. Harvested from locally grown timber and produced in their forest factory the tiles are about as ‘carbon neutral’ as it’s possible to get!

For further flexibility Baux also produce a range of acoustic panels in the same material. Available in five patterns; Quilted, Check, Stripes, Lines and Diagonal, the panels are designed to be combined to mix and match and repeat into infinity.

BAUX-Acoustic-Panels-Corridor smallBAUX-BigWallForest-m39sfl3ivwjv7cdk015p14tfou1bhc1sy4bsgpjogk

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