Walter Knoll Ozis

Turkish Delight – A Rediscovery by Walter Knoll

Sadi Ozis designed the first modern furniture in Turkey in the 1950s. Sculptural and modern, organic and functional and elegant and sophisticated, the designs were ahead of their time. In post-war Turkey materials were scarce and Sadi was forced to utilise unusual materials, such as wire, tin and fishnet. For example, the original 1953 Burgaz Chair featured cable whilst the 1959 Fishnet Chair design featured woven fishnet between the bent tubular steel framework. The third design, Rumi, is an armchair reminiscent of a dancing dervish, given its name because of its curves and flowing lines. The expanses of the side chair spread out, smiling and lightweight like the floating garments of the oriental dancers.

Walter Knoll Fishnet

Walter Knoll Rumi

Walter Knoll is issuing the upholstered versions of the Fishnet Chair, Burgaz Chair and Rumi – further developed at the time by Sadi Ozis together with his son, Neptun Ozis – shaping common values and with the experience of excellent upholstery craftsmanship.

Walter Knoll Ozis

Today, more than 50 years later, the products are as modern as they were then: timeless icons of design.

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