Hella Jongerius expands the Vitra Colour Library

‘The story of Hopsak is about creating something new not only by interweaving two different colours, but also by linking design history with today’s sensibility and by uniting the industrial world of the office with the softness of the home.’ (Hella Jongerius)
Hopsak fabric has been exclusively manufactured for Vitra since 1971. The expressive flat-weave material made of durable polyamide was originally offered in a palette developed by Alexander Girard for the Eames and Nelson collections. Over the years, Hopsak has been regularly updated and refined to meet changing technical requirements and colour preferences and is the reigning classic in the current portfolio of Vitra fabrics.
In collaboration with Hella Jongerius, Vitra has now completely revised the palette of Hopsak shades and expanded the selection to a total of 28 colours. The new palette of colours adds an inviting touch to the Eames Aluminium Group and other Vitra classics and opens up the fabric to new uses and contemporary designs.



Learn more at Vitra.

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